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An extra lock
for your battery

Battery theft of electric bicycles is a growing problem. The damage per case quickly runs towards € 1000.

Although most victims are well insured, it is an unpleasant surprise that causes a lot of hassle if you just want to start cycling.

Lockride has developed 2 battery locks for the most stolen battery, the Bosch frame battery (PowerPack). This battery is easy to steal in 3! ways. Do you want to know exactly how criminals work? Then click here. With Lockride battery locks for Bosch you're about to give crooks a hard time stealing your battery.

 How batteries get stolen. 


The sneaky way.

First, a screw is removed from the battery holder when the battery is not positioned in the frame. When the battery is in the frame again, the 2nd screw is accessible by burning a hole in the holder and then removed.

Cylinder puller.jpg

The classic way.

With a cylinder puller, thieves can easily open the Bosch battery's own lock. Lockride prevents this because the keyhole and the cylinder are covered with a steel plate.


The brutal way.

With a crowbar, the holder at the bottom of the frame (where the battery sits in the bicycle), is easy to bend. The battery can then be removed from the frame without damage.

protects 3x

Join us in the fight against battery theft.

The Bosch battery is clamped to the frame tube between two Bosch docks (A, B). Shielding position 1 prevents that a hole can be burned here and the underlying screw is accessible. Position 2 protects the battery cylinder lock against a cylinder puller. It is not possible to pry loose with a crowbar (3) without damaging the battery.

Lockride Model X (4) offers the ultimate protection because the battery is now completely clamped.

Lockride Protection.jpg
Lockride Protection 2.1.jpg

Which lock fits my bike?

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